Artist Bio

  • Li Biao

    Li Biao

    Li Biao, one of the few outstanding solo percussionists in the recent international music stage, win the world acclaim as an exceptional solo percussionist in the contemporary era by virtue of his extraordinary musicality of the percussion instruments as well as his unique demeanor
  • Li Biao Percussion Group

    Li Biao Percussion Group

    Rhythm is the most basic forms of musical expression Drawing on the rhythms of the heart and pulse, our ancestors were instinctively led to turn these primal rhythms into a form they could hear and to integrate them into their daily lives
  • Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

    Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra

    ​Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra has been well-known out-side Siberia for a very long time It has become a cultural wealth of not only the city of Novosibirsk and the Siberian region but the whole Russia The orchestra is one of the top orchestras in Russia and can be rated at the same level as the orchestras of Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
  • Danish National Vocal Ensemble

    Danish National Vocal Ensemble

    18 of Denmark s best singers make up this internationally-renowned choir The Danish National Vocal Ensemble s sound is transparent, bright and pure - precision combined with a powerful dynamic range It is a world of sonority that demonstrates the essence of the much-admired Nordic choral style
  • Century Dancer ▏Vladimir Malakhov

    Century Dancer ▏Vladimir Malakhov

    Vladimir Malakhov (born 1968 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine) was the artistic director of the Staatsballett Berlin (Berlin State Ballet) from its founding in 2004 until 2014 He is a former principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre Japan s Dance Magazine named him the "best male dancer in the world " from 1992 to 1994
  • The Italian Ballet Prince ▏Roberto Bolle

    The Italian Ballet Prince ▏Roberto Bolle

    Roberto Bolle is an Italian danseur He is currently a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre and a principal dancer étoile at La Scala Theatre Ballet Bolle also dances regularly as a guest artist with the world’s leading companies, including The Royal Ballet, the Mariinsky Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet
  • The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic

    The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic

    The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic have long been a prominent institution in international musical life It was in 1972 that a radio production of Julius Klengel’s Hymnus for twelve cellos with Philharmonic members became the impetus for founding a solo ensemble of this formation
  • The National Philharmonic of Russia

    The National Philharmonic of Russia

    The National Philharmonic of Russia (NPR) was founded in January 2003 by the Ministry of Culture as commissioned by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin The Orchestra united top orchestra musicians and gifted youth
  • The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

    The Danish National Symphony Orchestra

    ​The Danish National Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1925 as part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation under the motto: “The best – only the best ” Today, it is one of the leading symphony orchestras in Europe performing with the world’s leading conductors and soloists The strong and straightforward personality of the Symphony Orchestra is rooted in its close relationship with Danish and Nordic music, and it is the world’s foremost Carl Nielsen-orchestra
  • Italian Conductor Master ▏Fabio Luisi

    Italian Conductor Master ▏Fabio Luisi

    Born in Genoa in 1959, Luisi began piano studies at the age of four and received his diploma from the Conservatorio Nicolò Paganini in 1978 He later attended conducting studies with Milan Horvat at the Conservatory in Graz
  • Gypsy’s Ethnic Musician József Lendvay

    Gypsy’s Ethnic Musician József Lendvay

    Born in 1974, Paganini and Liszt Prize awardee violinist József Lendvay studied at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music as a student of Miklós Szenthelyi, but frequented mastercouses of Yehudi Menuhin, Ida Haendel, Igor Oistrach, Jaap van Zweeden and Sándor Végh as well
  • Julien Beaudiment

    Julien Beaudiment

    Born in 1978, he studied in London and Paris, at the Guildhall School of Music with Paul Edmund Davies, and with Sophie Cherrier and Vincent Lucas at the Conservatoire National Supe´rieur de Musique de Paris where he won the "Premier Prix de flu^te "
  • European Trumpet Prince ▏Gábor Boldoczki

    European Trumpet Prince ▏Gábor Boldoczki

    Gábor Boldoczki was born in 1976 and grew up in Kiskörös, Hungary With his brilliant play he is the exceptional trumpeter of his generation Thus, it is not surprising that the renowned German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung named Gábor Boldoczki "the worthy successor " of the all time
  • Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

    Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra

    The Hungarian Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, founded in 1963 from the former students of the Franz Liszt Music Academy, is one of the most famous ensembles of the Central European region and they are well known in the international music sphere for decades
  • Bamberger Symphony Orchestra

    Bamberger Symphony Orchestra

    The Bamberg Symphony – Bavarian State Philharmonic has always enjoyed a special position in the musical worl
  • Christoph Eschenbach

    Christoph Eschenbach

    Christoph Eschenbach, a world-renowned conductor, is one of the most popular music maestros in the international musical circle
  • Lawrence Foster

    Lawrence Foster

    Lawrence Foster holds the positions of Music Director of Orchestre et Opéra National de Montpellier and Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of theGulbenkian Orchestra
  • Orquestra Gulbenkian

    Orquestra Gulbenkian

    It was back in 1962 that the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation decided to establish a permanent orchestral body, which initially consisted of only twelve pieces (chords and continuo group), originally designated as Gulbenkian Chamber Orchestra
  • Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra

    Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra

    It was a sensation when in February of 1993 not only Michael Jackson and the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Leonard Bernstein won an award at the Grammy’s, but also, seemingly out of the blue, did the Nuremberg Symphony
  • Saxony Philharmonic Wind Orchestra

    Saxony Philharmonic Wind Orchestra

    For more than half a century the Saxony Philharmonic Wind Orchestra has been building on this rich heritage as the only ensemble among German symphony orchestras which is specialized in and well known for this repertoire In 2010 the 60th birthday of the ensemble was marked with a major jubilee concert
  • Thomas Clamor

    Thomas Clamor

    Thomas Clamor majored trumpet and percussion at Hochschule für Musik, Detmold, formerly known as Northwest German Music Academy Detmold In 1986, at the age of twenty-three, he was the youngest musician of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Percussion Group of Berliner Philharmoniker

    Percussion Group of Berliner Philharmoniker

    Including Prof Rainer Seegers, Simon Rössler, Daniel Eichholz, Franz Schindlbeck
  • Li Biao Youth Percussion Group

    Li Biao Youth Percussion Group

    Li Biao Youth Percussion Group (the 2nd team of Li Biao Percussion Group) was founded based on “Li Biao Percussion Group” in 2005 by Prof Li Biao The group set up with young percussion artists graduated from Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing