About Us

Founded in 2005, Impulse Art Media International (Beijing), Ltd is one of the few professional music and culture companies featuring the planning and execution of classical music concerts and large commercial musical activities. Serving as a pioneer in the culture exchange projects, we started off by bringing first-class classical musicians / orchestras into China from overseas and presenting the world with equally established Chinese musicians along with their outstanding music programs.

From the day of establishment, Impulse Arts & Media has done an incredible job introducing a number of top orchestras and artists into China, including orchestras like London Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany Bayerischen Rundfunks Symphony Orchestra, Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Portugal Gulbenkian Orchestra, Italy Toscanini Philharmonic Orchestra, Italy Parma Opera Orchestra, France Marseille Philharmonic Orchestra, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Germany Leipzig Orchestra, the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra,Germany Brandenburg Symphony Orchestra, Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra etc; conductors such as Christoph Eschenbach, Vladimir Spivakov, Lorin Maazel, Lawrence Forster, Daniel Harding; solo artists like  Vadim Repin (Russian violinist), Rainer Seeger (Chief percussion of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra), Jean-Yves Thibaudet (French pianist), Evelyn Glennie (queen of British percussion), Julien Beaudiment (French flute soloist) etc.

Apart from bringing projects of quality into China, Impulse Arts & Media has also been the pioneer in terms of presenting the world with renowned orchestras and emerging artists from China. We have planned a number of tours for the Beijing Symphony Orchestra in Europe, delivering stunning performances in various prestigious venues and occasions in Germany, Turkey and Britain including London Royal Festival Hall, Cologne Philharmonic Theatre, Wolfsburg City Theatre, Berlin Philharmonic Hall and also in Antalya Music Festival. We also helped the National Grand Theater Hall Orchestra realize their Europe tour in 2012, participating many world famous music festivals such as Kissinger Summer International Music Festival, Schleswig-Holstein Festival, Berlin Music Festival and Westphalia Missouri Music Festival and so forth. The LBPG percussion group lead by Li Biao (one of the most renowned Asian percussionists that received world recognition) also achieved great success and raised awareness from their China tour and South America tour planned by IAM.

While being a leading communicator in international arts and culture exchange is time – consuming we still managed to be actively engaged in the dissemination of the art education by organizing annual percussion summer camps to spot and inspire young talents. Every summer, the Li Biao Percussion Summer Camp is held as a routine program in order to help more children gain access to percussion music and experience its glamour while enjoying themselves in the planned master classes and various relaxing activities. Children would have the opportunity of exploring the full potential of their imagination, improving coordination and flexibility and developing teamwork awareness. This would help lay the foundation for future development in not only percussion but other musical instrument performing as well.

IAM has always been a solid and trustworthy partner to the NCPA (National Center for Performing Arts) since the initiation of our long-term cooperation that dates back to 2007. We’ve collaborated on major projects including the annual May Festival “Roam about the classics” and the New Year’s Concert series, etc. In 2010, the first session of NCPA International Percussion Festival was launched and the event was then held every other year. The Mercedes-Benz International Music Festival is another music event founded by IAM together with Mercedes-Benz. Attracting more than 50 thousand music maniacs and more than 340 world-class conductors / artists, it is now already one of the most celebrated musical event in the world of classical music.

As we have already developed a mature mechanism in the field of classical music, we began marching toward the field of opera, dance, theater as well. In the year of 2014, we successfully brought in one of the most celebrated classic work in the opera field “Turandot” for the 60th Puccini Festival and has won rave reviews.In the year 2015, we introduced to Chinese theaters diverse programs such as the Portuguese ballet “Dance of destiny”, “Death of a Salesman” by National Theatre of Nuremberg (German), “Magic Flute” by Berlin Komische Oper, South American “Glamour Tango” ,In the year 2017  theater classics “The visit” presented by Nuernberg National Theater (German) with its genius rearrangement with Lady Gaga’s biggest hits ,“Terror” and “The 39 steps”  by National Theatre of Nuremberg (German) etc., which all attracted a number of audience with their own distinctiveness.

For season 2017/2018, we will be proceeding with our focus on classical music programs as usual and gradually open up to more and more opera/theater and dance programs as well. Performances of 2017-2018 will cover a wide range of programs presented by even more diversified artists in terms of nationality and genre, including concerts World’s soloists concert (a gathering of all world-class soloists), all cello concert presented by the renowned “Die 12 Cellisten” from the Berlin Philharmonic,Danish National Symphony Orchestra’s tour in china ,“Marco Polo”  will be presented in Guangzhou, Gala of the world’s ballet stars, and Jenaer Philharmonie’s tour in China, etc. 

In 2021 to 2022, the company participated in production and management of the musical Anna Karenina in Chinese language and performed 30 performances in cities of China, which got great applause from the audience. This is the first Russian musical introduced into China, which was reported by important press like People's Daily, China Daily and CCTV in China and media like РИА НОВОСТИ in China, setting off a Russian-style storm. In 2023 to 2024, the company produced and managed the musical Anna Karenina Touring Version in Russian language and performed 30 performances in China, which also gained high praise and feedback from the market.

Season 2023/2024, the company successfully managed the Li Biao Percussion Group China tour in China, classic plays Tartuffe and Waiting for Godot presented by Theatre NONO from France, Li Biao and Novosibirsk Philharmonie Orchestra New Years Concert, etc. What's more, we arranged the Xi'An Acrobatic Group of China to perform the acrobatic ballet SWAM LAKE in Muscat Royal Opera House, Oman in 2024. This is the first time Chinese acrobatic ballet performed in one of the most famous theaters in the middle east, presenting the excellent Chinese culture to the world. 

As an international and professional music and culture company, we are confident that we have mutual experience and ability to manage the performances all over the world, provide artistic consultant service, etc.